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For Fathers Day, we’ve taken the sports theme that The Mountain Pasture Talk stands for very far:
Anthony Miller, entrepreneur and petrolhead plans to participate in the GUMBALL 3000 Rally in 2023.


The GUMBALL 3000 Rally is an annual rally of special vehicles and sports cars aimed at petrolheads from all around the world.
Participants so far have included many sports superstars like Lewis Hamilton, Tony Hawk, Jon Olsson, Bam Margera, Rob Dyrdek, Matt Hoffman and many more.
Sponsors of the rally included sports greats Red Bull, Monster Energy, Oakley, SPY Optics, Carrera, PUMA, NIXON, Kappa, BETSAFE and so on 🤩


The rally polarises extremely:
Up to 120,000€ participationfee per vehicle, a rally for professionalathletes, hollywoodactors, models, rappers, billionaires and millionaires, debauched parties every night with the most famous DJs in the world, masses of spectators on public roads, fines of up to 60,000€.


For some, terrible and completely out of time. For others, the ultimate life goal! 🙌🏼
But definitely a glamorous part of the sportscosmos and therefore the topic of this special. Dive into this crazy world with us!


We wish everyone a happy Father’s Day!
Have fun listening!
Mic drop 🎙
Jacky & Felix out!


Intro / Outro: SENSHO – Good Times
AAAA-Intro: Matrika – Action Replay


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