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Hey ALPSTÜRMER, how much cliché do you want for this episode?

🌊extremly charming Italian
🌊pro surfer
🌊our clearly most attractive guest so far
🌊party and girls in this episode
Rudy Ghiara, Italy’s most famous and successful big wave surfer was a guest at The Mountain Pasture Talk!
Find out from Rudy which extreme requirements a big wave surfer has to be able to withstand, what the training looks like and how incredibly long he can hold his breath if a wipeout occurs.
He also tells us that his manager put him back on the right path after partys and girls became more important than his career for a short time.
Many thanks and a big shoutout to Rudy’s manager and Felix A. Fauner’s buddy Gregorio De Feo for organizing, because as Rudy likes to put it: „He’s a legend!“
Apart from that, we only have one thing left to say: Ladies and Gentlemen, here you go! 😉
Have fun listening!
Mic drop 🎙
Jacky & Felix out!
Intro / Outro: SENSHO – Good Times
AAAA Intro: Matrika – Action Replay
Recorded in the Fireside Room of Design Offices Macherei München!
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